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Lakota Hills Swim Club Pool Rules

The Pool Manager, or a designated assistant, shall have full charge of the pool and shall be the first authority as to the enforcement and interpretation of the following rules. Any failure to comply with these rules may be sufficient cause for immediate suspension or cancellation of membership. These rules are intended to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members. The club is NOT responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.


Glass containers are NOT permitted anywhere on the swim club premises.


All injuries should be reported to the staff immediately. All injuries involving bleeding must be reported at once.


All members and guests must register at the sign in desk. All guests must be accompanied by a member and pay the appropriate guest fee. Local guests may visit twice per month. Guest behavior is the responsibility of the member.


Members who baby sit children who are non-members must follow the guest policy.


The club is NOT responsible for children in the wading pool. Parents must supervise their children in that area. Children over five (5) are NOT permitted in the wading pool.


Non-swimming children in body holding devices (floats, rafts, tubes, life jackets, etc.), must be properly supervised by their parents at all times (within arms reach and only in the shallow end of the pool).


Children under eight (8) years of age are NOT to be left unattended at the pool. Baby sitters must be at least fourteen (14) years of age. Children eight (8) and over should be able to swim two (2) lengths of the pool to be left unattended.


"Young" swimmers must wear baby swim diapers, and/or rubber pants.


Parents are NOT permitted in the diving well area in an attempt to encourage children to dive off the boards. They should remain at the sides of the pool. 


Running, pushing, or disruptive play will NOT be permitted anywhere on the club property.


An adult is considered to be 18 years or older. During adult swim periods, all non-adults must be completely out of the pool and gutter. Non-swimmers, four or younger, may be in during this time, only if they are in their parent's arms. There is to be NO ball/frisbee, etc... throwing in and out of the pool during adult swim.


Diving is permitted only in designated areas. Only one (1) person is permitted on the diving board at a time. The next person in line must remain on the concrete until the diving board is cleared. Multiple bounces are prohibited. Children must be able to swim one width of the pool to use the diving boards. Everyone must dive straight out, NOT to the sides. Goggles or masks may NOT be worn while diving off the boards. 


Jumping or diving from the sides backwards, or doing flips from the sides of the pool are NOT permitted.


Rafts, tubes, and pool games are permitted only when safe conditions exist, as determined by pool staff based on pool crowd size. These floatation devices are NOT permitted in the diving well area.


The "lap lane" is for serious lap swimmers only and must be relinquished to members when being used for swim lessons.


Shoes must be worn while playing basketball, tetherball, or 4 squares.


Skateboards, scooters, roller blades, or any other footwear with wheels are NOT permitted anywhere on the swim club property at any time. (Also when the pool is closed)


Damage to club property will be charged to the responsible member.


No drinks allowed in pool/water. Drinks may be consumed at pools edge when no body part is in contact with water.


Smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco products are not permitted anywhere on the swim club property.

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